Time For A Quickie!

Time For A Quickie!

Technique! We seem to have become obsessed by it! There are probably thousands of books offering detailed explanations of ways to make love to your partner. But what about spontaneity? Where’s that gone? What about the pleasures of the impromptu quickie? You’re both horny, there’s a raw urgency in the air, and you need it NOW!

Some women are afraid to let their partner know that they’d like a quickie. Supposing he misinterprets it and thinks you just want a quick shag that can be over and done within next to no time because you can’t be bothered with the ‘real thing’? The truth is, if you’re horny and lusting for him, wanting a quickie will just show how much you still fancy him on a physical basis. You wouldn’t feel irked at being desperately wanted by the bloke you fancy most, would you?

Sex serves many purposes and variation is no bad thing. One purpose is the reinforcement of that private bond which exists only between the two of you; something nobody else can share in. For this reason, having a quickie in a ‘forbidden’ situation can actually strengthen the relationship. When everybody is in full swing at the party, a couple that go outside and urgently make love have a secret that’s theirs alone.

The excitement of being found out is also frequently linked with quickie sex. Having a quick romp in a semi-public place (such as behind the garage at the above mentioned party) can be highly stimulating. The feeling of ‘naughtiness’ often leads to intense arousal, culminating in delicious sex that’s equally as good as the sex we’d ordinarily have in our comfortable beds with plenty of foreplay.

quickie sex

quickie sex

The term ‘sex-positions’ takes on a whole new meaning with quickie sex and couples often find themselves in positions that they’d never have otherwise experimented with. Old pieces of furniture, a wall, a washing machine or anything else that happens to be close by comes into its own when no-frills sex is on the menu.

One or both partners are usually partially dressed, something which in itself can be very arousing. Being held up against a wall with one breast outside your bra, your knickers around your knees and trying not to kick those litter bins for fear of attracting unwanted attention…. well, it could just as easily be a fantasy!

There’s no right time or place for a quickie. Only your imagination can limit where and when. If you really want it, you’ll find a place or situation that will be suitable for a bout of urgent sex. The kitchen table, the garden shed, or even a toilet seat will do. Just keep one thing in mind – no matter how desperate you are, it really isn’t a good idea to subject unwitting by-passers to your amorous frolics. There are plenty of exhibitionists around, but we aren’t all voyeurs! Happy bonking!

Women Have Fantasies Too

Women Have Fantasies

Sexual fantasies are an intriguing subject… and not only men have them. The truth is, women have them too, but they are limited to three general types. Women can be just as sexual as a man if he learns what fantasy buttons to push.

In order to rouse a woman’s fantasies, it takes a little work. First of all, when you set out to stimulate your partner, you need to narrow your focus down to the three specific types of fantasies: 1. Women with women, 2. Women in Control, and 3. Sexually insatiable.

Too often, when using fantasies, men include the things that turn themselves on rather than what arouses a woman. Unfortunately, this is the quickest way to turn a woman off. Women have specific requirements in their fantasies, primarily, a slow building pace before and after the sex act. As a matter of fact, the non-sexual touching is equally arousing to a woman. When using fantasies with your partner, pay close attention to the core elements in each of the types listed below and include those details during fantasy talk.

Fantasy one: Women with Women. This fantasy is alluring to women because its primary activities consists of two aspects of sex that women crave: oral satisfaction and tenderness. The key to this fantasy is slow seduction. It begins with caressing and holding, builds to passionate, mutual orgasms, and finishes the way it began-tenderly.

Fantasy Two: Women in Control. The central theme in this fantasy is a woman who has the power to maker her partner cum. This is the woman who plays the controlling seductress whether it’s through the role of dominatrix, exhibitionist, or any number of controlling women roles that turn a man on. Her arousal comes from watching a man lose his control to her.

Women Have Fantasies TooFantasy Three: Sexually Insatiable. Unlike the other two types of fantasies, this one is more “manly” because the focus is on the sex act. Common themes in these fantasies are: engaging in forbidden love, oral sex, multiple orgasms, orgies, public sex, and anything involving sexually adventurous actions.

The easiest way to begin is to start out slowly. You might, for instance, bring up the topic of sexual fantasies. All you need to say is, “Which of the following three would turn you on more? At that time, mention the fantasies above. The mere act of talking about it will arouse her.

So, if you want to turn your partner on through sexual fantasies, all you have to do is start talking about the subject. It may be a slow process, but it’s guaranteed to create an insatiable woman!

Men’s Early Ejaculations, Women’s Late Orgasms… Sex Is A Serious Work!

Men's Early Ejaculations, Women's Late Orgasms… Sex Is A Serious Work!

According to your engagement quality, your sex activity may be a short work, a sad work, or a work of art. And your lover will be hopeful, desperate, or happy! So what is the prime requirement of a great sex performance? Your partner’s satisfaction and happiness, nothing else!

Most of the questions asked to sexual health experts are about men’s early ejaculations and women’s orgasm troubles. When you read this you may say: It’s normal, if man is coming off quickly, woman couldn’t have an orgasm! But if you think for a second, surprisingly, you won’t see any relation between these two events. Because a man, if not a boor, will provide his woman achieve her orgasm before his ejaculation.

The next popular question is about the penis size! After all that porn movies many people are really confused. How and where to find such a prominent organ? What is the normal size? How thick and long can it be maximum? How small is acceptable for successful lovemaking?

Every man’s genital is different as his finger print and in a happy relationship the role of the penis size is not important. At least you don’t have to be such stupid to pay sack full money to programs, drugs or advice for making it bigger or larger! Even with a huge organ a man’s chance is very limited to make his woman achieve an orgasm if he is not a good lover, and doesn’t know proper sex techniques, and most probably he will cause pain instead of pleasures.

Even a man who has a miniscule dick can be a perfect lover if he’ll learn how to make better love, how to be a better partner instead of being paranoiacly distressed. What ever it is, your penis size is normal and this is your body, love it and try to use it more properly, more creatively and with more love and care. Learn how to use effective foreplay and arousal techniques, how to kiss and caress properly, and maybe you won’t need a penis to make her reach the climax!

Believe me, every woman desires and prefers such a talented lover instead of a big dick entering a few times into your vagina before spurting out and then sleeping in his side as nothing happened.. naturally! Having a small organ is not a guilt, and if he knows his body and has developed many practical solutions he is absolutely a CLEVER man and a perfect lover, a great chance for women! Continue reading “Men’s Early Ejaculations, Women’s Late Orgasms… Sex Is A Serious Work!”