The 7 Hottest Spanish Porn Divas of Summer 2018

The 7 Hottest Spanish Porn Divas of Summer 2018

Nothing makes summer hotter than sexy and hot latinas to light up your screen. If you want to know who the hottest queens of summer are for 2018, check out our list, and even better, check them out, as they are sure to make your summer sizzle.

7. Esperanza Gomez

This hot mammie makes you want to go back to highschool and retake your Spanish classes so you can learn the basics to seduce a woman like her. When you see Spanish Porn Divas Esperanza Gomez, she’ll make your forget whatever language you speak since her style and sexy attitude is what embodies sexy latina looks. She is the Spanish diva of your dreams and even hotter, she is a goddess from Colombia, so this looker knows that she’s a spicy Latina number, who knows how to work what she’s got. She works her pussy like magic and enslaves every man to it.

6. Eva Notty

Her name says it all, not only will she leave you in knots about all the positions she can get her hot body in, but she is naughty too and knows what turns a man on and how to make a man hard and last long, with her cougar skills, and sexy Latina swagger. She has tits that will make you want to put your face up to them and get lost in the suppleness of her curvy body.  She loves acting out and role playing and loves to put on costumes or play doctor. Imagine explaining the pulsation between your legs to this lovely dress-up nurse? Her accent and decollete would kill you! It doesn’t matter if it’s shiny spandex or delicate lace she looks amazing in it all, and her killer secret is that no man is safe from her lusty and luscious ways.

5. Gina Valentina

You know that Brazilian girls have a reputation, and with those round asses and plumped up lips and haute tits, what more can a man ask for? Who cares that she only knows how to talk dirty in English and nothing else? With a plump ass like that, your dick won’t want anything else but her mouth-watering pussy. When Gina Valentina gives you one of her gorgeous luscious smiles, she seduces you with her confidence and sometimes shy demeanor, and it’s exactly what makes cocks bulge all over the world. This horny Latina has amazing long dark hair and curves that go on forever, radiating sexual energy that will get to you and in your pants!

4 . Veronica Rodriguez

Everyone knows what Veronica Rodriguez is about, and if you ask lovers of Latino porn then they’ll tell you exactly what you’ll get,  she has beautiful eyes, a sexy voice, and a body that will speed up your heartbeat. All you have to do is look once at this sweet, and cute Latina sex goddess and you might forget your own name and where you come from. She knows how to work what she has, and honestly if she can’t raise your dick to salute then no one can. She has smooth caramel skin and a perky B cup that spills out these tits that you’ll want to devour them, and then there is that gorgeous glory hole between her legs that will stiffen your dick and tongue simultaneously so that’s exactly we recommend you give this star a close look. She is a professional whore, who’s hard working to provide every man his dream, a kind of fuck machine who’s invested in her own production company and you can watch her viseos on She is a queen slut.

3. Bridgette B

Whoever has travelled to Barcelona knows there are many things that you go there for, you might want to taste the wine, the tapas, see some football, go to a museum but one of the best things to come out of this city is the amazingly talented and buxom blonde porn star, Bridgette B. She is the Spanish queen of the local smut scene who started out in 2008 when she discovered her talent for sucking dick on-screen and fucking for fun. Soon after, she invested in upgrading her breasts and now they are a luscious D cup. Soon as she got those, her career heated up and her surgeries paid off, the perfection of her flesh and the beauty of her pussy is pure magic. Everyone who loves the Big Tit genre know who she is and she’s been a fan favorite ever since then. She lives for taking off her clothes and showing off her babies. Alongside that sexy Spanish accent, you’ll just want to cum all over those tits and lose yourself in her adoration. She’s near the top of the list for a reason, actually 2 reasons!

2. Eva Lovia

Eva Lovia has naturally gorgeous lips that just make you think of a whore the moment you set eyes on her. She will make you forget where you are why you exist when you get entranced by her stunning good lucks and endless sexuality that oozes from her perfect body. When you start staring at her you’ll just want to whip out your dick and start hacking away at it, wishing you could stick it in her hot and moist pussy. He looks are all thanks to her mixed blood, she’s American, Japanese and Spanish and she got the best of all of those cultures, a multicultural whore destined to pleasure. Fucking her must be like taking your dick on a world tour so no wonder she is so popular! If you’re a diehard pussy lover then this woman is for you. She does everyone and everything, so make sure you get a taste of this porn stars dark territories and sweet crevices.

1.Kiara Mia

Why is she our number one for Hot Latina girls? Who knew a woman could be so damn addictive and hot, and incite so much horniness in one blow! Imagine what a woman like this can do in 2 minutes alone with you? She is so damn sexy, it’s almost scary. Her pussy could annihilate you with one taste. She just creates sexual heat with one look, that every Latino lover needs to experience Kiara Mia. She is a dominating sexual force that will make you beg for more and more and will leave you hanging on the thread of her lacy underwear. She’ll tell you sexy secrets in Spanish that you’ll tongue will be re-programmed to lick on her pussy. That’s the power of this lusty Latina.